Shadows as the main element of light.

I have been experimenting with the lighting setup and have found out that the most interesting and effective element is the shadows that are produced.

Here is a live version of my song Hvað Með Það where I used no special lighting

And here is a live cover version of the track Is It True by Yohanna.

When editing the live cover video I realised that it wasn’t the lights themselves that were making it more interesting. It was the shadows on the wall behind me and on my face that made more entertaining to watch. I will be exploring this element further and will probably make it one of the centerpoints of the performance.

In other news I have talked with some people at music venues about doing the concert but either nobody got back to me or it was to expensive for me to do. I have decided that it would be best to do it in dBs and have talked to the event organisers. I am currently waiting for a response and will hopefully have a date for the event sooner than later.

The plan is to make the event around the end of March.


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